About us

We can monitor your business processes in real time, automatically alert you about unusual events and predict future outcomes of your decisions. Our solution can provide you in-depth information for KPI analysis, strategical decision making, determination of bottlenecks and resource planning.

Our services for our customers:

  • Cost effective data collection and storage
  • Data management for analysis purposes
  • Anonymization of sensitive data
  • Professional and financial management of running projects
  • Process optimization

If your company operates in the field of:

  • manufacturing
  • logistics
  • agriculture

then don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we can make your company more effective.

Let’s create value together!

Our Newest Project

As a result of negotiations beginning from 2017, we have successfully joined the most significant healthcare information systems development in Hungary from 20th March 2018. Our team is now a part of the design and development of the Electronic Healthcare Services Platform (EESZT).

We are very proud to be a part of the development and we trust to achieve our tasks successfully.

(Budapest, 12 March 2018.)


Nine months following contracting, the first milestone has been completed successfully on 10 December 2018. The works of the second milestone have begun as well.

(Budapest, 12. Dec. 2018.)


Model Design for Husbandry

In December 2018, our organisation has teamed up with one of Hungary’s finest young researcher to compose the large-scale model of analysis and predictive mechanisms of sensory data collected from dairy cattle. The model proved development-ready based on the first round of testing.
Our first job is going to be to analyse the practicability and feasibility. Since this analysis would be much slower from our own resources, we are trying to include resources from the EU.

We have submitted our proposal for a Phase 1 call in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme in February 2019, hoping for a successful grant to ensure the continuation of further developments in this year. Following this, we are planning to include further resources to be able to enter the market with a successful product.

(Budapest, 18 February 2019)